Sooner is always better than later

May 16, 2010

Too often managers wait to long to take disciplinary action.  Managers are in a state of paralysis when it comes to confronting a non-performer.

The problem only escalates.  Mr. Manager’s level of stress escalates on a daily basis.  Whilst Mr. Poor Performer is pushing the boundaries.

A vicious circle evolves.  The total energy of Mr. Manager is focused on Mr. Poor Performer.  Mr. Manager is usually on top of his game.  However Mr. Manager’s performance has now also plummeted to a point of total deterioration.

The company’s costs get out of hand.  Revenue plummets.  Mr. Manager’s eye is off the ball.  Conflict is evident.  A huge emotional explosion by Mr. Manager is unavoidable.  The company is run on emotional energy and not in a professional business manner.

The reason is progressive discipline has not been applied.

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